Hey, remember this guy?  I took the liberty of finishing the animation for it today!
For no reason in particular!
Larger, much higher-quality version, here.


Hey, remember this guy?  I took the liberty of finishing the animation for it today!

For no reason in particular!

Larger, much higher-quality version, here.

Did everyone get that “we wish we could give you a cake, boss” was in reference to Cake Boss.

Oh! Happy birthday Paul F. Tompkins! May the coming year bring you much joy and many podcast appearances. Let me say, from the Paul F. Tompkins tracking community, we wish we could give you a cake, boss.

Hey guys, I will add all those live @ComedyBangBang eps with @PFTompkins soon, I just need to get some time to figure out what’s up with those. If anyone has them and wants to email me the details (times, dates, names), that’s be super, but if not, I will get on that quite soon!

In other news, it seems that PFT has some new press photos which is great news for me. When I first set this site up, I realized pretty fast that every podcast that he appears on uses the same couple of photos for their websites. Also, please, if you ever start a podcast and make a website for it, do everyone a favor and make the link to your iTunes listing really prominent. Seems like 90% of sites don’t do this, it drove me nuts. Hey I’m just getting some stuff off my chest here.

Just added another episode, this time @PFTompkins appears on @ComedyFilmNerds, a podcast which I have never listened to, but from the name I have a pretty good idea what it’s about.

If you load this in iTunes, he is credited as Paul F. Thompkins - mistake or funny reference to something they joke about during the podcast? I don’t know, I only found out about this a few minutes ago, get off my back.

Thanks @acshillings for the heads up on this appearance!



Start with THE POD F. TOMPKAST Extrasode: Chik Tract. A rare foray into social commentary at The Paul F. Tompkins Show. Full-length episodes resume next month!

Then! On COMEDY BANG! BANG! Episode 169: Immortal Mustache host Scott Aukerman and guest Jay Chandresekhar are joined by the one and only Cake Boss (Cake Boss)!

Please! Proceed on to the SUPEREGO/THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR crossover, The War of Two Worlds: Part 6! This thing is getting more and more insane! And it started out being downright pomegranoodles!

All funny!  ALL FREE!

I am positive 100% of people who follow TrackPFT follow PFT himself, so no clue why I am reblogging this!

Listing a bunch of new stuff.

Okay, there was a relative drought of new PFT appearances for a while, but a few slipped in here and there. I don’t know how many of you guys run podcast-tracking websites, but if you do, you know how easy it is to get lackadaisical during the summer, right?

Before listing the new episode, big thanks to Amber Schillings (@acshillings) and Stephanie Keown (@stephaniekeown) for tweeting and emailing me some appearances I had missed, which are the DLM and EOTC ones below:

- 2 new Doug Loves Movies are now added from 10/2/09 and 7/21/11

- PFT appeared on a podcast called Edge Of The City from Just For Laughs.

Also today there are I think 3 or 4 new appearances that @PFTompkins himself listed on Twitter and I’m going to add those any second, I may not link them all here since he linked them all just an hour ago and whatnot, maybe I’ll just reblog his Tumblr post. They are all on podcasts he appears on often: Pod F. Tompkast, Comedy Bang Bang, Superego, maybe something else. Oh yes Dead Authors.

Guys With Feelings episodes & someone gave me Klout points

A nice fellow named Kurt sent these to me, thanks Kurt. These episodes are, sadly, all offline, but I am tracking them anyway, because they exist, and maybe they’ll go back online sometime!

Also, someone gave me +1 Klout points in the subject of Podcasts (thanks @365musicproject!), and Klout emailed me about it. Klout is funny and silly, but this did make me happy, so if anyone else wants to do this, feel free. Klout me up guys!

And don’t worry, I’m not going to start sending a bunch of tweets about Klout or anything, or Klout-monger in general. However, JUST IN CASE we end up living in some nauseating dystopian world where the only form of currency is Klout points, I might as well start racking them up now. There is no way I’m going to live in a post-nuclear hellscape without a lot of pelts. Pelts cost Klout points.

Also, maybe if I gain some crazy Klout rating in Podcasts, people will somehow notice and get hip to Paul F. Tompkins.

Oops, I also just added the new Who Charted? episode, which PFT appears on. I feel dumb for forgetting that one, because that is a great, great podcast.

The drought has ended! New podcasts tracked! Let me point form run it down:

- Team Coco podcast - Mr. PFT was on this, episode 60. Here is an interesting thing: If you load up the Team Coco RSS feed in iTunes, this episode does not appear. In fact, a TON of episodes don’t appear. I don’t know what’s up with that, but you can just download the MP3 file from their website. Or stream it, it’s only 13 minutes or so.

- The David Feldman Comedy Podcast: Someone emailed me saying PFT is on the “Our Criminal Records” episode of this, but is uncredited. I know he has been on 4 previous episodes of this, so I don’t know if maybe it’s something from one of those? I don’t have time to listen to it right now either, so I listed it on the site, and someone help me out on this.

- Dead Authors Podcast - There was a new one of these very recently, so I added it!

- Someone also sent in a bunch of episodes of Guys With Feelings that PFT was on, and that person is awesome, however I am waiting to post them until that person replies to the email I just sent them, asking whether those episodes are still online or not (can’t find them when I just looked). I will list them either way, but would rather be able to link them.